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    Since the great recession, organizations that depend on a mixture of earned revenue and public and private support have faced enormous challenges in maintaining their services. From loss of talent and leadership to crippling lack of funding, many organizations have had to come to terms with the need to evolve to survive while continuing to provide value in the social and public sectors. Many organizations reached out to us in their time of need, hoping that branding could be a key asset in maintaining support.


    We discovered some common threads amongst organizational leadership. Golden Lasso now facilitates board, staff, and strategic committee sessions that focus on the value of branding, and effective storytelling for fundraising. In that process we assist organizations to realign their strategic messaging to be tangible and credible in a world that expects transparency and results from their cultural institutions.

  • We’ve Offered These Services To:

    • ArtsWest
    • Centrum
    • Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington
    • Peace on the Streets for Kids on the Streets
    • Richard Hugo House
    • Seattle Arts & Lectures
    • Washington CeaseFire
    • Washington State Fruit Growers Commission
    • Wayfind
    • The Y (Downtown YWCA)

"Your consultation with us was foundational to being able to focus after what has been literally years of creative thinking around what we're about and where we're going. You asked all the right questions and while we've wrestled with them, the results are good. Thanks again to you and your team."

- Seán Walsh | Metrocenter YMCA Associate Executive