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In 2030, more than 740,000 jobs will be coming to Washington State. However, many of those jobs requires some form of postsecondary credential. Given that only 40% of Washington students go on to earn that postsecondary credential, we partnered with Washington Roundtable and Partnership for Learning to spread the word on why the Credential is Essential.


This past 2018, to support this initiative—and Washington students—Golden Lasso developed a look and feel for a brand that could be utilized for a variety of print and digital campaign material, including but not limited to print and social media templates, case study templates to highlight district stories, and a microsite to house resources. Building all of this collateral under the established Credential is Essential brand, we worked to spread the message about how the credential is essential for our students and our state.


  • Brand Design 
  • Strategic & Comprehensive Project Management
  • Short-Form Publication Design & Production
  • Social Media Visual Content Design
  • Advertising Campaign Design
  • Creative Campaign Copywriting
  • Website Development
  • Website Security & Maintenance