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  • Challenge:

    Prove that summer university programs can be significant revenue generators. Due to budget constraints, we could only target undergraduates and potential incoming transfers. We were not able to access institution wide data because they did not have CRM system in place.

  • Solution:

    Develop campaigns in the voice of the student that provide instructors and advisers with shareable media featuring the value and experience of summer courses — essentially, create brand advocates and ambassadors for the summer session. We delivered strategies and branded design and marketing that worked in the real world — the halls and quads of the campus — without support from a CRM tool.

  • Results:

    • 2012: 11% increase in enrollment, with 90% of those enrolled stating it was their first time attending summer courses.

    • 2013: 13.1% increase in enrollment over 2012 levels. Credit hours increased by 16.5% over 2012 levels.

    • 2014: 35% increase in enrollment over 2013 levels. Credit hour gains of 4.9%. All-time high retention of summer enrollees of 99%.

    • 2015: 4.9% increase in course registrations over 2014 levels, even after accounting for a more than 15% increase in course offerings. Credit hour gains of 1.81%. 100% retention of summer enrollees through full enrollment and wait-lists for courses.